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FROM: London International Awards

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(London, November 12, 2007) – In recent years, there have been increasing numbers of Chinese entries from mainland China to the London International Awards.

While the majority of the entries have always favoured both Print and Poster & Outdoor, this year, a few Chinese agencies made a foray into the domain of Package Design.

One stood out in particular and picked up a Silver Statue. Chen Xiaoming Enterprises from the province of Shenzhen, China achieved this with their Putuoshan Rice Wine entry for Alcoholic Beverages. This is one of just 14 Silver Statues that were handed out in the Medium of Package Design. And only 5 made the cut for Gold.

“I think this is a significant win for China, especially as it is in the category of Package Design for Alcoholic Beverages,” commented Barbara Levy, President of London International Awards. “This category is a real hand-raiser for designers and very competitive. Just walk into any wine shop. You will see some amazing designs lining the racks. And most of them aren’t even Package Design winners. So imagine how high the bar is in this category.”

There is clearly an absence of any Western influence on the Putuoshan package. An oriental motif is proudly emblazoned on the face of the package. And the use of monotones of blue, not traditionally known as a “food colour” or a particularly auspicious colour for the Chinese, is a departure from the expected.

“Firstly, it wasn’t wine in a bottle. Secondly, it didn’t come in a box. And finally, and most interestingly, they broke conventional thinking by packaging wine like food,” observed Levy.

In total, China agencies and companies have amassed a total of five Silver Statues from eight media, with one for Package Design, two Silver Satues for Television/Cinema, and two for Print.

“There were very few Winners in Design and Package Design for 2007. I’m glad to see China making a strong impression in what was a very tough judging category this year,” said Levy.